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Chercher sa pitance dans un tas d'ordures quand d'autres se gavent !
La répartition des richesses.... c'est pour quand ?


I continue to find this a terrible sight. People foced to live of a rubbish tip, that is really the end.


You belong with National Geographics, really. Your reporting skills even when just photos are incredible. Grocery shopping for the poor, it's heartbreaking and yet they do what they need to which is testament to the human spirit and will to survive.

yiannis krikis

a very sad story - but great images


Des images-chocs.
Le choc des images.
Poignant et triste.
Bon week-end.


Great photography.
They are happy with almost nothing.


A touching scene. I guess we all do what we have to to when striving to survive. Sad that kids have to provide food and things this way.


You're a world class photographer Sidney.


Des images qui remuent...
Puissent-elles faire réagir ceux qui n'ont jamais su apprécier ce qu'ils ont !


ses images de gamins sont terribles et hallucinantes pour nos yeux de bien nourris !
la lisibilité des tes clichés donnent un impact supplémentaire !


Very hard photos here... But a fantastic street reportage ! Well done, these things must be seen.
Have a nice day :)

Wim van der Meij

Your photos are very effective calling up the poverty and misery of these people.


The first image is heartbreaking (the whole reportage is) due to the delicate gesture of this little girl who does not deserve such a life...... Beautiful eye you have, Sidney, for humanity.


Very touching image.. These kids should be playing in a park or in a school. not out here. very sad to see this.


je suis triste, tu vois , là!!!!


Your reportage is above reproach and is for the good of all of us, Sidney, whether we like it or not.


Sidney you are all over!

You've been to places I haven't even went to since I lived there for the past 27yrs

Michael Rawluk

The sadness continues.


something about the top photo that is very touching - the moment you've caught her - the delicacy of her gesture.


looking at this pictures breaks my sad!


Wow, I admire your courage at going into these locations and shooting photos.

Otto K.

wonderful set, and rather heartbreaking.

Doug Hickok

Picturing very effectively children having to be so resourceful in dire circumstances is remarkable reportage.

Steven D'haene

pakkende reportage !

Ashley Albano

Amazing captures Sid.

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